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Hello today we added a great project.

In this project, we have set high insurance contributions and a top refbak.



Today We Have Officially Opened Doors!

Greetings for the day. Today we have officially Launched Zypher FX Limited.

Warm Regards
Zypher FX Limited



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WELCOME TO Soft-Mining LIMITED Soft-Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining company established during the second quarter of 2016. We assist our investors in getting the most out of their investment. In the last month, we have made around 5% profit a day by using our state of the art algorithm! Soft-Mining cooperates with some of the largest mining farms all over the world. Including, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, France, Myanmar (Burma), and Taiwan. Together, we have formed a large network that ensures a high level of performance and reliability to get the most out of your investment.

Aprex Fund

The Financial Group of APREX INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL currently has over 40 official members in the form of five major holdings which are active in the following fields: Bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency banking, Bitcoin and investments, cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency exchange, instant exchange trading market of the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dashcoin. This large economic group consisting of “APREX INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL Investment Group (APREX INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL Financial Group)-Pvt.” and “Aprix Bitcoin Mining Group (Pvt.)” is currently registered and branded as an official company in England with the registration number of 10582417. By enjoying the full potential of its members operating as the executive arms, APREX INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL Financial Group attempts to carry out the following plans: Investment in capital market, profitable cryptocurrency mining, preparatory measures to set up cryptocurrency mining farms in order to develop cryptocurrency industry, funding scientific projects to develop dedicated tool for mining cryptocurrencies, engaging in charity and the common good.

[01.12.2015] Review of the HYIP program BITAGE

Hello dear investors! Today we would like to introduce you to a new program, which started Nobember 20, 2015 - BITAGE

Legend of the HYIP program (Original):

BITAGE Corporation was started in the Panama by a team of experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market. BITAGE Corporation is not a member, associate or subdivision of any other organization, so it is free to make totally independent decisions. Our team of full-time financial experts ensures effective and quick analysing of the current financial situation. The objective of our investment fund is to ensure regular gains to private investors with reasonable risk levels through reinvestment of gathered funds into various types of assets. While these markets can generate extremely high returns, they can also come with extremely high levels of risk that can cause the inexperienced trader to quickly lose their money. We offer the opportunity to benefit from the combined experience of our team, and grow your funds daily without any risk to your capital. Our main task is to ensure that all our customers will receive the maximum profit on their investments. At BITAGE Corporation we believe in trust and transparency. Our promise to you is to offer a highly stable program, that will offer guaranteed returns for the long term. While providing exceptional customer support and a safe, secure environment to protect your funds.

Our estimation: 5/5   

Design of the HYIP fund:

The program site is available in English only. Despite the lack of translation into Russian of all forms proposed for filling are classic and without requiring the provision of profound information. The project design is unique, in the style of past years, according to him, you can safely assume that the project BITAGE experienced team administration.

Our estimation: 4/5   

Investment plans:

Plans Term Deposit Profit
1 10 day $10-299 (0.03-0.8979btc) 2.1% per day (121% over 10 days)
2 20 days  $300-799 (0.9009-2.3994btc) 2.5% per day (150% over 20 days)
3 30 days  $800-2999 (2.4024-9.006btc) 3.1% per day (193% over 30 days)
4 40 days  $3000-14999 (9.009-45.042btc)   3.8% per day (252% over 40 days) (252% over 40 days)
5 50 days $15000-25000 (45.045-75.0751btc)
4.8% per day (340% over 50 days)

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer.
Payouts: instant,   possibility of manual payment (up to 24 hours.)
Payment of interest
is carried out on a daily basis without a commission.

Our estimation: 5/5   

Referral program:

The project BITAGE referral percentage return depends on what you plan to invest a guest referral. 1 plan- 2%, 2-up of 2.5%, 3% plan-3, 4-up of 3.5%, 5 plan-4%.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Technical stuff:

Dedicated Server - IP Licensed script H-script. SSL-certificate from COMODO 1 year. DDoS protection by Genius Guard.

Our estimation: 5/5  

Feedback with the administration:

You can contact the project site with the help of feedback forms of communication and online support. E-mail: admin (a) bitage.biz

Our estimation: 4/5   


Administration BITAGE conduct smooth promotion of the project purchasing at top advertising displays and blogs.

Our estimation: 4/5   

Forum Discussions:
The program was quietly accept the forum users. Every day on the project published posts about payments.

Our estimation:5/5   

Our verdict:

In our opinion all the plans in the program are working. Execution site davolno simple but at the same time the most easy to understand all investors.

Final rating: 38/40  


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