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Refback and insurance in program PROVIDEPLAN was highly increased!

PROVIDEPLAN continues stable work with new fast plans. Administration of the program has been actively purchasing new advertising on monitors and we increase refback and insurance in this project. Now our refback higher than other monitors. If you like the stable programs with short-term plans, we recommend that you look to PROVIDEPLAN.



[20.07.2015] New HYIPs on GS Monitor + insurance.

INVESTS-WISELY - Plans: Multi-Plans. 10% insurance. 
SYSTEMAOK - Plans: 33.3% per month for 12 months. 16% insurance.
PROBET - Plans: 2%, 2.2%, 2.5%, 125%, 140%, 160%, 250%, 350%, 500% 24% insurance.
AUTO PROFIT - Plans: 4% - 6% FOR 50 TRADING DAYS OR 480% IN 50 DAYS! 10% insurance.
SPECTRON LTD - Plans: 6,00 % - 7,00% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS, 4.34% - 5.00% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS, 4.0. 10% insurance.
KASSA-VZ - Plans: 480% from $ 50 AFTER 6 CONTRIBUTIONS.



[10.07.2015] New HYIPs on GS Monitor + insurance.

InvestsLife - Plans: Multi-plans. 10% insurance.
Carbon7 - Plans: 7% daily for 30 days or 110% after 1 week. 14% insurance.
Cryptopaid - Plans: 2.8% hourly for 48 hours, 120% after 1 day, 145% after 2 days, 200%. 4% insurance.
VbotradeInc  - Plans: 11.2% - 14.0% Daily for 10 Days,6.6% - 11% Daily for 20 Days,7% - 12%



New HIGH RCB in CRYPTOCONOMIST and insurance

Hello all! CRYPTOCONOMIST online already year and paying stable! Administration of program continues promoting it. Due to such activity we highly increased RCB and % of insurance.



[26.06.2015] New HYIPs on GS Monitor + insurance.

ArbitrageBet Plans: Different. 12% insurance. 
1saaa limited Plans: 2.5% for calendar 3 days ; 2.6% for calendar 7 days ; 2.7% for calend. 10% insurance. 
Valuda Trade LTD Plans: 2% - 5% Daily For 10 - 50 Days (Principal Back) 15% insurance. 
Myusd Plans: Multi-plans 5% insurance. 



[23.06.2015] New HYIPs on GS Monitor + insurance.

SKY-MONEY - Plans: 1.75% - 3.5% daily for 20 Days (Principal back)12% insurance. 
Plans: - From 1% to 5% of the deposit during the week, - From 1% to 2% of deposit during weekends30% insurance. 



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All new investors, welcome to Provideplan.com! We believe that you will stay with us and enjoy cooperating with us and getting good income with our program! Our main specialization is trust management of capitals of companies and individuals in investment. A team of investment experts is constantly developing the most effective investment strategies and search for optimal, maximum-yield projects. The money you invest in any of our investment programs is distributed among various investment projects. We guarantee the reliability and profitability of your investment!


Инвестирование в M.I.B может помочь обрести финансовую стабильность, что позволит Вам в случаях самых неблагоприятных экономических ситуаций в стране и в мире оставаться финансово независимым человеком. Уже в течении четырёх лет команда M.I.B успешно реализует инвестиционные стратегии. Команда M.I.B - это группа профессионалов, в составе которой успешные аналитические трейдеры, высококвалифицированные ведущие брифингов и вебинаров, отзывчивая и коммуникабельная служба поддержки клиентов. Сотрудничество с M.I.B - это надёжный партнёр, для создания Вашего стабильного, пассивного источника дохода. В сложившейся нынешней экономической обстановке во многих странах и мире, предложения M.I.B - это современные инвестиционные решения, основными преимуществами которых является максимальная защищённость средств инвестора, во всех направлениях деятельности компании M.I.B!


Coinsera Ltd. is an investment company which is working on cryptocurrency trading area. Our company was registered in 2012 in Seychelles. We have the best professional team which is working on cryptocurrency trading area.

Poker Automatics

POKER AUTOMATICS - это автоматическая система получения гарантированного пассивного дохода от онлайн покера 24 часа в сутки 7 дней в неделю без участия человека. Вам не нужен ни опыт, ни умение играть в покер. Забудьте о риске! Занимайтесь любимыми делами, наслаждайтесь жизнью. А управление деньгами доверьте роботам! Роботам, которые на протяжении уже более 3х лет ежедневно получают прибыль от онлайн покера. Создайте аккаунт в Poker Automatics, пополните его и наблюдайте, как сумма на Вашем счете растет каждый день без Вашего участия. Выводите прибыль удобным Вам способом в любое удобное для Вас время.

[12.04.2012] Review of the HYIP project Forex Progressive

We greet our dear users! Today we’re going to review an interesting and high quality project HYIP fund. It started on the 08th of April 2012, and is called: Forex Progressive.

Legend of the project (Original):

Greetings to all our regular customers and those who are here for the first time! Have you been searching for a reliable and profitable investment solution that will take care of your uncommitted funds and provide you with a sustainable and passive income? Then look no further. Being founded in 2010, Forex Progressive provides everyone interested with a professional Forex asset management and enlarges the number of satisfied customers throughout the world. Our mission is a fair and transparent cooperation with any investor regardless to the investment value he has. The process of investing has never been that simple with the payment gateways we accept. Simply open a personal account with us, choose your investment plan we offer and a preferred payment processor of those we accept and deposit your money. That’s it! Your money is now used for trading operations and the profit accrual will be carried out the very next business day depending on your chosen investment plan. And as soon as you have funds in your Forex Progressive account you are able to withdraw your profits to your payment processor and look for spend on the Internet or submit a cash withdrawal. Nothing is further required or needed as everything is already implemented. Sign up free today and become a part of the most successful investment corporation on the Net. Forex Progressive we are your way to invest.

The legend is smartly and beautifully written, the topic of the company’s work on Forex is mainly touched. Program “antiplagiarism” has shown that text uniqueness of the legend is 100%, FAQ also has 100%.

Excellent legend.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Design of the project:

Design of the site is laconic, qualitatively made. Black and white color spectrum looks interesting and unique on the site.

Good design.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Investment plans:

Name of plans Term of deposit Min-Max deposit Profit
Progressive Standard 20 days $10 - $500 1.4% every working day
Progressive Advanced 24 days $500 - $2 000 1.8% every working day
Progressive Extended 28 days $2 001 - $5 000 2.5% every working day
Progressive Professional 32 days $5 001 - n/a 3.5% every working day

The project accepts: Liberty Reserve, Perfectmoney, Alertpay and bank payments
Type of payments: Instant.

Good but not diverse.

Our estimation: 4.5/5    

Referral program:

Referral program in the fund is 6% from the invited referrals of the first level, 3% from the attracted referrals of the second level and 1% from the invited referrals of the third level.

Good referral program.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Technical part:

Site Forex Progressive is made on a convenient script, is located on a dedicated server in Ontario - Collingwood - Staminus Communications, DDoS protection is from Koddos, SSL protection from COMODO CA Limited is purchased till the 09th of March 2013. The domain is purchased till the 03rd of February 2015. There’re no additional means of protection.

Good protection.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Feedback with the administration:

Support is carried out through mail, live chat, postal address and telephone with the voice mail on Spanish.

Good support.

Our estimation: 4/5    

Promotion of the project:

Fund Forex Progressive conducts not too active PR campaign yet, at the moment 28 best listings on monitors are purchased. Banners are being bought.

Good promotion.

Our estimation: 4/5    

Discussion on forums:

The fund is being actively discussed and the project is positively treated, all posts are mainly about the advantages of the fund.

Active discussion.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Our verdict:

Fund Forex Progressive started successfully, at the moment, there’re few very good and serious projects, but all of them are rather old, and this site can take their place very soon. The project is perfectly made from the technical side, as well as from the side of the appearance of design, texts. To our mind, the project deserves rapt attention at the minimum. Good luck and see you soon.

Final rating: 37.5/40    

GS Monitor - HYIP Monitor, Online investment programs rating,  [12.04.2012] Review of the HYIP project Forex Progressive
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Rules for HYIP insurance was updated

Read details here.




Great news for our advertisers! The administration of GS Monitor greatly reduced the prices of our new, higher quality listings! Your programs will receive all of our bonuses, including a new partial insurance of investors deposits , to new very low prices!

Our new price:
Listing ALL INCLUSIVE $250 ($200 deposit + $50 fee)
HYIP listing $120 ($100 deposit + $20 fee)
HYIP MLM listing $80 ($70 deposit + $10 fee)

We want to make our service more accessible and beneficial to each of our client!




In this news we decided to write about all the latest updates on GS Monitor.
1. We have introduced a insurance of deposits in HYIP funds! We are the only one HYIP monitor that insures your investmenst! Stop loosing your money! For more details, see here.
2. We have updated portfolio of our work.
3. We removed the failed test listing. Investors liked this listing, because of their request it was made, but for HYIP funds this listing was not successful and only became a cause of a number of unnecessary scandals.

We constantly strive to provide you with the best service! Stay with us!




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We have added a new HYIP listing "TEST HYIP LISTING". Here will be added only interesting HYIP funds , but administrators of this programs for some reason decided not to use a normal listing (possible no money or not believe in the result). Refback in this listing, we pay from our own resources. We will be glad to see you in our partners. We wish you good luck!



New LOW prices after NY weekend!

We have set new LOW prices for our service!

All Inclusive Listing $299($200+$99)
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We welcome all our customers and try continue to make our service even better for you



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