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Today the company Grand FX is a stable participant of currency market . The beginning of activity of the company Grand FX may be called 2007. The development of trading systems was begun exactly then. Grand FX is one of the world's leading companies in the , by share of profitable trades and the number of successful traders. Company Grand FX offers investors the easiest and most affordable way to start making money on the Forex market.


Welcome to stpay-bitcoin.com. We trade in Real Estate,Oil and bitcoin in forex. stpay-bitcoin.com has finally launched its venture online, where we here at stpay-bitcoin.com strive to do our best, in maximizing your profits without any form of risk. During the past years, you have gone through very good investment programs, and at the same time, equally, and even more bad ones. Some of you have gained through certain programs, while some of you have lost. But it will not do any good, if you think about the bad past that might have happened to you, and then regret about it. You need to realize that, there will always be a lot of hurdles for you to jump over, until you reach your point of success. Remember you have a future lying ahead, a future which depends on how you act now. You will have to make plans for a bright future, and hence you need to find a reliable, and a good program to invest in. That is why we here at stpay-bitcoin.com have come into existence; to provide you with the best investment.Our Major Investment e-currency are solidtrustpay and bitcoin.Though you can still trade with perfectmoney,egopay and payeer.

Global Trust Inv

Global Trust Investment – это современная, высокоразвитая компания, устанавливающая новые стандарты качества в инвестиционном бизнесе. Мы дарим Вам возможность стать инвестором высокодоходного рынка Forex и приумножить свой капитал, не выходя из дома. Сотрудничество с Global Trust Investment – это сотрудничество с командой профессионалов, чья безупречная репутация, подтверждена тысячами довольных клиентов по всему миру. Наш высокий профессионализм и богатый опыт поможет Вам максимизировать прибыль, а наличие страхового капитала, система хеджирования вкладов и современная система обеспечения безопасности, снизит уровень рисков к нулю. Присоединяйтесь!


We have been offline since 2002 with a capital base of $42,000.000.00 in oil and gold market.We generate massive income through which shareholders and investors online and offline are being paid.Our investments in the oil and stock sectors online and offline give the opportunity to generate such profitable revenues. You will get a lot of benefits by working with us. All the factors influence the achievement of our company success, and ensure that you invests in a stable and experienced company.

Hanson Invest

Hanson Invest™ provide the Stress-free and best solution for you to make all your dreams come true. Welcomes to Hanson Invest™, a legally registered company in United Kingdom since year 2007. We have been operating as a private fund since 5 years back with a group of expertise in trading, finance and investment. We are now offering universal investment prospect online to individual and institutional investors that provide financial stability, security and guaranteed to our investors.

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Plans: 105%-130% After 1 day, principal included 113%-165% After 2 days, principal included 120%-210% After 3 days, principal included


Portfolio updated

We have added screenshots of our new 2 works to the "Portfolio" page.



New function "STICKY" HYIPs was added.

We have added a new long awaited service - "STICKY" HYIP funds. Compared to other monitors we have significant changes. Since our listings are open by button, but "sticky" HYIP fund displayed immediately, then it becomes very noticeable for visitors. This new service is quite expensive, only the most solid founds will be able to use it.



Refback from reinvestments greatly increased!

Great news for referrals. Now refback from reinvestments almost comparable to refback from 1st deposit!



Monitor restyling and adding EgoPay

We have rather big changes on the monitor. We decided to change design a bit and review a number of listings towards their reduction for general convenience. We have added EgoPay support for receiving advertisements. Soon a number of interesting functions will be added including enhancing usability of the site. Stay with us!



XMAS & NY offer! All banners for $30!

During the holidays we have prepared a gift to all of our advertisers! Until January 3 price for all banners reduced to $30! Merry christmas and happy new year!!



In new year with new RCB system.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We have changed our RCB system., now it will be BEST, better than anywhere! If you will find RCB higher than in our monitor then just write to us and we will pay higher RCB.



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