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Rights and rules on receiving compensation.
  • 1) The insured event occurs after the project receives SCAM status
  • 2) You must be registered with us on the site and fill out the form in your insurance account.
  • 3) Contributions are compensated only with adequate plans. If the project has plans in which you can withdraw the deposit in advance, before the end of its payback and you have withdrawn them, we are not responsible for these losses.

    Adequate plans are considered to be plans with minimal risks. Such as: 200% for 2 hours, 500% after 7 days and 10,000% for 40 days are considered risky, such plans do not fall under the insured event. If you doubt the choice of the plan, he gets under the insurance or not, you can always write to us through the support form, on our website, or through available chat rooms of our site.

  • 4) Applications for compensation are submitted within 48 hours from the date of the Insured Event, in accordance with the form on our website.
  • 5) The maximum amount of insurance payments in one hand is $ 100 for one project.
  • 6) Compensation is accrued less the profit you have received from the deposit and the refback from us

    $ 100 your contribution to the project, $ 12 refback received from us, $ 20 profit you deducted from the project for your contribution. (100-12) -20) = $ 68

  • 7) You are obliged to withdraw all the accrued profit from the project under the current plan, since when calculating compensation we will take into account that you have removed all accrued profits regularly.
  • 8) In case of suspicion of fraudulent activities in the payment of compensation, you may be refused unilaterally.
  • 9) After receiving insurance, you must unsubscribe to receive insurance on the form you have offered, on any of the proposed forums. With each accrual, we will be checked and if you repeatedly ignore these requirements, we are entitled to refuse further insurance in the future.